Export Services

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight forwarding - export and import - has been the traditional core business of freight forwarders for centuries. The origins of receiving, forwarding and delivering cargoes goes back to the beginnings of building transportation vessels to explore the rivers, lakes and seas of our planet.

The members of our ocean logistics team have the knowledge, expertise and innovative skills to devise custom made solutions to your very specific and individual needs.

At Natural, Nydegger we have no standard "deals" available for your import or export needs by ocean freight. Rather, we create individual solutions for you, which we monitor, update and adjust to always fit your changing situation.

Air Freight

Today's global logistics solutions would be unthinkable and impossible without taking the fastest growing segment in global trade into account: air freight.

We recognized the importance of air freight long ago and with anticipating the future development of this segment of logistics in mind have opened our first office at JFK International Airport in 1971.

Our air freight team at our new facilities at JFK is prepared to do whatever it takes to clear and deliver your inbound shipments and to follow your export shipments from door to door with the latest available technologies.

Air freight requires special skills, including a staff prepared to work at odd times - 24/7 - if needed. Most times, air freight cannot wait. Air freight logistics in both directions cannot be compared with traditional land and ocean logistics.

Project Cargo

Project shipments require a level of knowledge and expertise, combined with years of experience and a special team that is not readily available from every global logistics provider.

Handling projects requires an elite team with knowledge far beyond that of regular freight forwarding.

Projects require the combined knowledge and understanding of all aspects of forwarding - export, import, air, ocean - plus a thorough comprehension of packaging; complex inland transportation with special equipment and permits; complete familiarity of domestic and international laws and regulations - particularly in regards to weights and dimensions; licensing and technology transfer matters; insurance solutions; customs formalities on a global scale; familiarity with heavy lift equipment for road transportation and ocean or air shipping; close coordination with all parties at origin and destination site - the list goes on.

We at Natural, Nydegger have a proven history of handling projects of a widely diversified clientele and of very different nature in scope: turnkey projects of the past have included a variety as far apart in purpose as Irish pubs and power stations.

Our true specialty is handling global projects including not only the complete logistics from one continent to another but also between multiple continents.

Import Services

We can handle your shipment from door to door if required or provide you with the service at any point of the import process.

Shipping From Origin

We can arrange the transport through a network of worldwide agents from your supplier's door or any intermediate point from most major foreign markets.

Customs Clearance

As licensed Customhouse brokers we provide total Customs entry service including the satisfaction of all other government agency (OGA) requirements. ( examples include FDA, Dept of Agriculture, Fish & Wildlife, FCC, EPA ) We offer assistance in tariff classification and OGA requirements for your products. INFORMED COMPLIANCE: If you are not already familiar with these two words in connection with your responsibilities to Customs it is imperative that you find out. Although you engage a Customhouse broker you as the importer are responsible to Customs as to the accuracy of all entry information submitted to them along with proper record keeping for a period of five years. Entry information includes, but is not limited to the proper harmonized tariff number, valuation and duties paid. You are invited to contact us at any time for more information on this subject.

Our Commitment to C-TPAT

C-TPAT is a voluntary government-business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security. Natural, Nydegger's original partnership with C-TPAT is dating back to 2003. Over the years, the C-TPAT initiative has been refined and expanded and we have supported the program continuously. Please refer to the C-TPAT links on this website for more information. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the program.

Other Services Offered

  • Trucking
  • Warehousing
  • Marine insurance
  • Customs bonds