Arnold E. Nydegger, an immigrant from Switzerland, formed his own company in 1933 under the name of A.E. Nydegger & Co. Mr. Nydegger originally worked for a Swiss company (Natural Ltd.). To promote business with Switzerland, a separate company was founded in 1944: NATURAL, NYDEGGER TRANSPORT CORPORATION - NNTC in short. In 1946, Felix Ursprung emigrated from Switzerland to the United States to handle the "Swiss" aspect of the business. This role grew into a partnership with Arnold Nydegger and after Mr. Nydegger's death in 1964, Felix Ursprung became the owner of NNTC. The two separate companies - Arnold E. Nydegger and Natural, Nydegger - were combined under our current name due to the strong market recognition of the name.

Our first office at JFK International Airport in New York was opened in 1971, recognizing the growing importance of air freight. Also in 1971, the company moved into the newly constructed World Trade Center, becoming one of the first tenants on the 14th floor. As the company was growing, we moved twice within the World Trade Center: to the 15th floor in 1981 and again in 1993 to the 53rd floor.

The terrorist attack on our "home" of 30 years, on September 11, 2001, left us with nothing but the absolute determination to make the company survive and become stronger and better. Thanks to the incredible willpower of our employees we are still in business today!

A couple of month after 9/11, we moved back to Manhattan. Our new head office is now located on the 12th floor at 29 West 30th Street. We bridged the gap by sharing the JFK office and with the help and generosity of a competitor.

Felix Ursprung passed in 1981 and his son Christopher (Kip) Ursprung took over the company. After successfully guiding and leading the company from 1981 to 2006, Kip Ursprung sadly passed on much too young. The company is managed today by a team of company veterans.