Natural, Nydegger Transport Corporation is a full service international freight forwarder and licensed Customhouse broker serving the international community for more than seventy years. The company headquarters were located in the World Trade Center next door to the U.S. Customhouse in New York City from its opening in 1971 up until the tragic events of September 11, 2001. We are now relocated to our new, permanent location in midtown Manhattan. A second office is located in Rosedale, NY for handling airfreight shipments at JFK International Airport. Utilizing these two important strategic locations along with an extensive network of agents worldwide, Natural, Nydegger Transport Corp. provides state of the art global logistic services.

As an international freight forwarder our staff of experienced traffic and documentation personnel handles any type of shipment to any destination with the assurance that the shipment will arrive timely with the proper documentation provided. Global projects controlling the smooth flow of cargo by ocean, air or truck are an important part of our business. We not only handle shipment to and from the U.S. but can handle shipments from most origins to most destinations worldwide. We have extensive experience dealing with financial institutions as well as being thoroughly familiar with consular documentation and many other special requirements dictated by the nature of the product, country of origin or destination. Whether the shipment moves by air or ocean we are equally adept at handling the shipment promptly and professionally.

As an NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) and freight consolidator Natural Consolidation Service, can offer competitive rates for both import and export to and from most destinations worldwide. NCS also offers innovative ways in which to move shipments always with the goal of cost savings for its clients.

As a licensed Customhouse broker Natural, Nydegger Transport Corp. has extensive experience with clearing a wide variety of products. This includes not only releases through U.S. Customs but also working closely with all related U.S. government agencies regulating imported products with individually licensed brokers on staff with decades of combined experience. We are totally interactive with Customs with up to the minute software that enables us to monitor entries throughout the clearance cycle. As a member and supporter of C-TPAT since 2003, we contribute daily to this important program.

All services above are complemented by a full range of available warehousing and distribution services.

We are also at the forefront of our industry with researching, investing in and upgrading to new, advanced technologies available.

Finally, leaving the best for last, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, professional, and most pleasant service by a staff that really cares.